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Hana Sustkova
Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2009
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Lacadalet Magazine prepares gathering of school aids for young Congolese children

Magazine Lacadalet, the project under aemis organisation Poetry helps for needs in Congo, is celebrating 6 months of active publishing congolese, czech, english, italian and whatever literature to build a bridge between Africa and Europe, to raise experience about people's lifes and save the lost souls of civic war.

We are preparing the gathering of casual school gadgets as pencils, notebooks or colour pencils, and all these things would be delivered to poor Nord and Sud Kiwu area or Kinshasa as well, to children who need that.
We would like to ask you for help to find out how to deliver these aids to the right hands and not only to "Congo DR".
We are in cooperation with Adecop a.o., but they haven't free way to congolese schools any more.

Please, if you have any information or contact to any organisation, which could help our small group of enthusiasts, write us at or per our form at

Thank you all
Lacadalet Magazine

Sunday, November 22, 2009 07:40:41

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