Tainted Educations and False Instruction

Annie Head
Posted: Wednesday, December 02, 2009
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Living in Phantasmagoria

   During the MS-DOS era, I remember interacting with Captain Grammar and Jump Start educational games that taught me the basics of the English vocabulary and some basic Math skills. Most parents discourage children under six-years-old in playing video games however, superheroes and talking chameleons teaching children the difference between a conjunction and preposition is an exception.

    While reminiscing with what I could consider my early influences for grasping the language in a very young age, I also remember this game called Phantasmagoria. If Jump Start was programmed to instruct the building blocks of writing essays and creative stories through character interaction, Phantasmagoria is a different story.

    The whole meat of the game is about a novel writer who had to face certain unimaginable horrors and psychological distortions – Phantasmagoria was the first of its kind inspiring relevant titles such as Resident Evil that thrives on the fear of players through flesh-eating zombies.

    Indeed, the game was a nightmare but, it left an indelible mark through messages that defy the existence of the supernatural. Consider oneself trapped in a vortex populated by phantoms, what would you do? After playing it, I realized that the horrors stuck within the game could pervade one's thinking.

    JumpStart influenced me. How about players goaded by paranoia? No one can tell.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009 05:02:39

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