Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Moroccan Civic Educator Honored

Elarbi Imad, Moroccan Center for Civic Education president and Civitas International Programs country director for Morocco, was recently honored at the U.S. State Department’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the International Visitor Leadership Program.

February 17, 2011 marked the 70th anniversary of the International Visitor Leadership Program. A reception hosted by the U.S. Department of State provided Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton the opportunity to honor 18 leaders, or “Gold Stars,” from among hundreds of people representing 69 nations.
Elarbi Imad was named a Gold Star for his positive impact on civil society in Morocco.  Imad is the president of the Moroccan Center for Civic Education and country director of the Civitas International Program.

Imad founded the Moroccan nongovernmental organization in 2004, after collaborating with the Los Angeles-based Center for Civic Education in 2003. Because of his work, students throughout Morocco have participated in Project Citizen and Foundations of Democracy, school-based curricular programs that promote youth involvement in government.

The Moroccan Center for Civic Education served as host of the 12th World Congress on Civic Education in 2008, a Civitas annual event that brings together educators from more than 65 countries to share best practices and experiences in the field of civic education. The Moroccan Center for Civic Education was also recently selected by the Center for Civic Education as one of three Civitas Regional Institutes in recognition of its expertise and leadership role in civic education.

Civitas International Programs bring exemplary civic education curricula to students worldwide in partnership with organizations in the United States and in eighty countries.
The International Visitor Leadership Program, established in 1940, seeks to build mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations by bringing hundreds of foreign leaders to the U.S. every year.  

Secretary Clinton's Remarks: