Friday, November 19, 2010

Start Date:Tuesday, July 12, 2011
End Date:Friday, July 15, 2011

Combating Social Injustice Through Justice Education

The Global Alliance for Justice Exchange will host its 6th annual conference in Valencia, Spain focusing on promoting social justice through new and existing university legal clinics.

The Valencia Conference will be an opportunity for law teachers, law students, legal practitioners, jurists and social activists to acquire new ideas, models, and skills for the use of education to promote social justice. The Conference will also play a key role in charting the future role of GAJE in the Global Clinical Movement. In a range of plenary, small-group, and workshop sessions, delegates will explore Justice Education as a concept for presenting, discussing, and creating innovative ideas for promoting social justice through new and existing university legal clinics. 

The Conference will be held, for the first time, in partnership with the 9th Annual IJCLE Conference on 11th - 12th July at the same venue. The two Conferences will be joined for one day (12th July) in order to bring together delegates with a wide range of shared interests, while enabling each conference to retain its unique identity and character. Discounted rates will be available for delegates booking both conferences. 

The Conference Overarching Theme will be "Combatting Social Injustice Through Justice Education" 

The Conference Thematic Streams are: 

Legal Clinics and Human Mobility 
This Stream will focus on the practical and social justice aspects of migration and the role of legal clinics in destination countries for promoting rights of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. 

Legal Clinics and Socio-Economic Rights 
This Stream will focus on ways in which legal clinics can promote social and economic rights, such as the right to education, health, social welfare, etc. 

Legal Clinics and Environmental Justice 
This Stream will focus on social justice and environmental rights and the roles of legal clinics in promoting environmental justice. 

Justice Education and Academic Institutions 
This Stream will focus on the challenges of implementing Justice Education in traditional academic institutions (universities, research institutes, etc.), including issues such as curriculum reform, clinical 
scholarship, social action agendas, and innovation in clinical teaching methods. 

Justice Education Initiatives 
This Stream will encompass all new initiatives that focus on forming the new generation of lawyers for social justice, including developing professional ethics, standards for working with vulnerable populations, street law programs, community legal education, etc. 

Each thematic stream will contain several sub-topics to be announced together with the call for proposals for workshops and presentations. Proposals for presentations on other topics of general interest related to the overarching conference theme will be solicited as well. 

About the Format: 

The aim of the conference structure will be to facilitate as much participation as possible by those attending. While there will be a small number of plenary sessions, including a few key note speeches, most of the conference will consist of small group sessions, interactive workshops, and other opportunities for sharing ideas, materials, etc. There will also be organized site visits to local justice education projects and a social calendar. 


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